[Max 30%OFF] 2024 Summer Sale!

【Max30%OFF】VOYAGEE Summer Sale 2024!

Max 30% OFF on VOYAGEESIM for Europe and other products!

We are running a campaign offering Max 30 % off on eligible products such as "VOYAGEESIM for Europe" when you purchase them within the promotional period!

Some products are available in limited quantities, so please purchase as soon as possible.

The coupons can be used immediately by simply entering the coupon codes on the cart screen.

*Please note that coupon codes are different depending on the product.

■ Campaign details

[30% OFF]: Coupon code "VOYAGEEsummer30"
【Europe 42】eSIM 50GB 60days
【Philippines】eSIM 1GB daily / 30days
【Philippines】eSIM 1GB daily / 7days

[15% OFF]: Coupon code "VOYAGEEsummer15"
【U.S.A. & Canada】eSIM 1GB daily / 10days
【U.S.A. & Canada】eSIM 1GB daily / 30days
【U.S.A. & Canada】eSIM 1GB daily / 7days
【Australia & New Zealand】eSIM 6GB 10days
【Australia & New Zealand】eSIM 8GB 15days
【Australia & New Zealand】eSIM 12GB 30days
【China】eSIM 9GB 15days
【China】eSIM 15GB 30days
【China】eSIM 7GB 8days
【Europe 42】eSIM 20GB 30days

[10% OFF]: Coupon code "VOYAGEEsummer10"
【Europe 42】eSIM 5GB 10day
【Europe 42】eSIM 10GB 15days
【South Korea】10days Unlimited Data eSIM
【South Korea】30days Unlimited Data eSIM

* Please note that we may add or change products without prior notice depending on the product inventory status.