Campaign just before the 2024 summer vacation!

2024年 夏休み直前キャンペーン

Overseas eSIM Up to 40% OFF! Summer Holiday Campaign

Starting today , June 7th, we will be running a campaign where you can get up to 40 % off if you purchase eligible overseas travel SIM cards " VOYAGEE SIM for Korea " and " VOYAGEE SIM for Philippines " within the promotional period!

Some products are available in limited quantities, so please purchase as soon as possible.

You can use the coupon immediately by simply entering the coupon code on the cart screen.

Please note that coupon codes may differ depending on the product.

■Applicable products:

・[Korea] 20-day unlimited data eSIM → 20% off
・[Philippines] eSIM 7 days/7GB →20% OFF
・[Philippines] eSIM 10 days/10GB → 40% OFF
・[Philippines] eSIM 15 days/15GB →30% OFF
・[Philippines] eSIM 30 days/30GB →20% OFF

* Please note that we may add or change products without prior notice depending on the product inventory status.

■Coupon code:

・VOYAGEE SIM for Korea (※The number of eligible products is limited.)

[Korea] 20-day unlimited data eSIM

*Coupon code: VOYAGEE202406

・VOYAGEE SIM for Philippines
[Philippines] eSIM 7 days/7GB
[Philippines] eSIM 30 days/30GB

*Coupon code for the two products mentioned above: VOYAGEE2024060701

[Philippines] eSIM 15 days/15GB

*Coupon code for the above product: VOYAGEE2024060702

[Philippines] eSIM 10 days/10GB

*Coupon code for the above product: VOYAGEE2024060703