[1st Anniversary of Over 3,000 Overseas Users] Huge discounts for Spring Break! (Up to 42% off)

VOYAGEE1周年記念 大幅値下げ

[1 year anniversary of reaching 3,000 overseas users ] We're announcing major price reductions for the spring break!

To commemorate our 3,000 overseas users and the first anniversary of VOYAGEE, we will be offering a major discount on eSIMs to show our appreciation to our customers!

■Target products (tax included)

[Taiwan] eSIM 3 days/3GB: 1,100 yen (old price: 1,430 yen)
[Taiwan] eSIM 5 days/5GB: 1,540 yen (old price: 2,400 yen)
[Taiwan] eSIM 7 days/7GB: 1,980 yen (old price: 3,400 yen)
[Vietnam] eSIM 7 days/7GB: 2,200 yen (old price: 2,600 yen)

*There are no coupon codes for the eSIMs mentioned above . Simply select the relevant product from the product list and purchase it, and it will automatically be offered at the new price.

*This offer will end as soon as product stock runs out.

Please take advantage of this opportunity.