【20%OFF】VOYAGEESIM for Japan Campaign

VOYAGEESIM for Japan Campaign


VOYAGEESIM New Product Released Campaign!

Our new overseas travel SIM VOYAGEESIM for Japan, eSIMs for data communication for travelers to Japan, has been launched!

To celebrate the release of our new products, we are running a campaign where you can get 20% OFF on eligible products if you purchase them during the promotional period!



*You can use the coupon immediately by simply entering the coupon code on the cart screen.

■Target Product: "VOYAGEESIM for Japan"
【Japan】eSIM 3GB 3days
【Japan】eSIM 5GB 5days
【Japan】eSIM 10GB 10days
【Japan】eSIM 20GB 20days
【Japan】eSIM 3GB daily / 3days
【Japan】eSIM 3GB daily / 5days
【Japan】eSIM 3GB daily / 10days
【Japan】eSIM 3GB daily / 20days

Please take advantage of this great opportunity to take advantage of the great value "VOYAGEESIM for Japan".